Business VoIP Phone Service


No matter what type of service your business requires, Delta Telecom, Inc. has a VoIP phone solution for you while also offering an array of features to increase functionality.


What Type of Businesses need our Basic Business Lines?

Small to Medium Size Businesses

Most of our small to medium size business clients typically use these lines to make and receive phone calls, to fax, to make modem connections, to run security systems, process credit card transaction, & connect to ATM machines.

Local Service Features:

  • Call Forwarding

  • Caller ID

  • Call Rejection

  • Call waiting ID

  • 3-Way Calling

  • Last Call Return

  • Selective Call Forwarding

  • Voice Mail


Why Choose Delta Telecom, Inc. for your Business Local Telephone Service?

Features & Benefits:

  • Local 24/7 Tech Support

  • Reduction in monthly telephone expenses

  • No change in telephone number or features

  • Local representation, customer service

  • Customer friendly invoicing

  • Locally owned and Women Owned Business

  • Robust Features

  • Competitively Priced Feature Packages

  • Includes Touch tone, Directory Listing, and 911 Access


Federal Access Charges per line $6.97

Access Recovery Charges per line $0.99


Delta Telecom is here to personally customize a feature package to best suit your business needs. Together, through our free consultation, we will learn what your business needs are. Our local telephone services will save you time, money, and most importantly give you a locally, trusted, #1 Priority Customer Service.


Integrated T1 Service

Voice T1 provides an ideal solution for businesses that have 6-24 lines of service.  Each Channel can be a telephone call.


It can also be an ideal solution for businesses to combine their telephone and internet service over a dedicated T1 connection.


Add a host of advance features including Voice Mail for one LOW PRICE!




(Primary Rate Interface-Integrated Services Digital Network): ISDN PRI is intended for termination to an ISDN equipped PBX. High-quality, low-cost all-digital communication services leveraging existing PBX equipment with capabilities to transmit voice, data, and packet data simultaneously)


Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Trunk Lines: Enable callers to direct dial individual phone numbers for each individual without physical lines into the PBX for each connection.


Add a block of 20 DID's for only $4.99



VoIP / SIP Trunking

“SIP” (Session Initiated Protocol) is the industry protocol that defines signaling operating standards for initiating interactive user sessions over a data connection. A “trunk” is a circuit between switching systems that can carry a specific number of calls at a time. “SIP Trunking” offers a VoIP connection between the customer’s IP PBX and Delta's serivce, capable of carrying one or more concurrent calls, routed over the customer’s data connection. Basically, SIP Trunking offers a modern alternative to traditional TDM trunks, improving the utilization of network capacity.


Advantages of VoIP

  • Future Growth

  • Dynamic Bandwidth

  • Voice Prioritization

  • Quality of Service (QoS)


VoIP allows your business to combine Voice, Internet, and Networking Services!


Benefits of SIP

  • Future Growth

  • Robust Features

  • Centralized Access

  • Cost Efficient

Long Distance/Toll-Free

Delta Telecom, Inc. is your best choice for discount long distance service. Enjoy low rates combined with excellent call quality and more. Whether it's a call across the state, nation, or world, Delta Telecom, Inc. has you covered.



Why Choose Delta For Your Long Distance and Toll Free Needs?


When you sign up for long distance/Toll Free Services from Delta Telecom, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving the most competitive rates in the industry, as well as impeccable local customer service. You will receive the most flexibility and value in the industry accompanied by personalized service and a fully itemized monthly statement for your convenience.


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Long Distance

Delta offers the best Long Distance Services in the country with NO access fees


Features & Benefits:


  • Competitive Nationwide & International rates

  • Verified or Non-Verified Account Codes (Tracks Long Distance Calls)

  • National Directory Assistance

  • Itemized Call Detail on Monthly Statements



Toll Free

Delta Toll Free service is perfect for those businesses that service clients outside their local area. This allows customers all over to contact your business without the worry of long distance charges


Features & Benefits:

  • Competitive Toll Free Nationwide Rates

  • Vanity Toll Free Numbers

  • International Toll Free Numbers

  • Itemized Call Detail on Monthly Statements


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